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Houston Woman Arrested After Calling 911 On Cop

As if we need more stories like this smh… A Houston social worker spent two days in jail after calling 911 on a cop because she felt threatened and wanted a second officer on the scene during a traffic stop.

According to the Houston Press

White steps outside of her vehicle and asks why she’s being pulled over. She says the officer told her to “Get your ass back in the car!”

White can then be seen sitting back down in her car and dialing 911. “I asked him what the offense was, he raised his voice at me and threatened to arrest me,” White says to the operator. “I would like another officer to come out here. My heart is racing.”

“This is a traffic stop that escalated to arrest — for resisting arrest,” White’s lawyer, Zack Fertitta, said. “There was no breach of the peace. She didn’t attack him. There are excellent police officers out there who are complete professionals, but this guy is not one of them.”

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