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Hulu Lowers Monthly Price to $5.99

When the competition aims high, go low…. Clearly Hulu knows the hustle, but what does Hulu offer for real ? Netflix has all the original movies and shows to name a few, but maybe Hulu is gunning for that top spot and the first stop is at pricing..

From The Verge:

Hulu just announced that it will lower the price of its base, ad-supported subscription plan to $5.99 per month — down from the current $7.99 — beginning on February 26th. Hulu has offered its service at $5.99 previously on a promotional basis, and it clearly makes enough of a difference at pulling in subscribers to justify a price drop for the standard rate. In case you were concerned, customers will not see an increase in ad volume because of the reduced pricing. The $11.99-per-month “no commercials” plan will stay at its current price, as will the $12.99 Hulu/Spotify combo subscription, which Spotify handles billing for.

The price drop comes only days after rival Netflix announced increased subscription fees across all of its plans. The most popular plan (with HD streaming) is now $13 per month. Netflix’s content is, of course, ad-free, but Hulu is now creating enough of a cost divide that consumers might find its commercials easier to put up with. Hulu revealed earlier this month that it ended 2018 with over 25 million subscribers. That’s less than half of Netflix’s 58 million US-based customers, but it represents an impressive 48 percent increase in subscribers compared to where its subscriber count stood at the end of 2017.

In an attempt to balance out the higher subscription charge, Hulu is lowering its fees for the live TV service’s optional add-ons: both the enhanced DVR and expanded multiscreen viewing packages are dropping to $9.99 from $14.99. The DVR option gives customers more storage (200 hours versus 50 hours for standard live TV subscribers) and allows them to fast-forward through commercials in DVR’d content.

The new Hulu and Hulu with Live TV rates go into effect on February 26th for new subscribers. Existing customers will be switched over in their next billing cycle after that date.

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