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I just want to live better- Creating a better lifestyle

Hola readers!
I know so many people who want to live better, eat better, and develop a healthier lifestyle, but they don’t know exactly how. One major rule that I’ve learned is it’s not about dieting it has everything to do with what you put into your body. I would never use the term dieting I’d say just eat better. Dieting can become so rigorous and unattainable if you go completely cold turkey.
You want to eat loads of green veggies, and protein but good protein like fish and chicken. Another thing I found that’s worked for me is finding what I like but creating a diet or a meal plan. Create variety! Eating better does not have to be nasty. It’s so many cool ideas for great yummy meals you just have to do your research.
I think most people fall off because they eat the basics salad, baked chicken, baked fish. There are so many options that you have, and so much you can do with that. The best advice I got was to do your research! I can’t stress this enough see what works for your body! See what helps you and its nothing wrong with snacking.
If you are a major snacker, and you love chips, candy, etc.alternatives that! BTW stay away from those but know that there are alternatives that are just as great. Lastly, I wanted to share to that if you can’t afford a gym membership there are cheaper gyms like Planet Fitness its ten bucks a month! If that’s too much then check out YouTube, there are tons of ways to get a great workout in and feel great about it!

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