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If Plies Didn’t Preach In This Video….. “Tuhday I Woke Up Feelin Luh – Vuh – Lee”

About four days ago, Plies did his usual Instagram motivation video and this one struck a cord with me…. LOL.. Plies was in his car shirt off, it looks like the air wasn’t on because he was still sweating…. But he good and got his haters together… Especially the ones that love to come and tell you about what the next bitch is saying…

Like…. Seriously, are people that pressed ? I think so, but you just have to not pay them any mind… Pray for them and continue to keep it moving, because one thing I learned about life, people will ALWAYS have something to say. Whether good or bad…. But you have to just keep doing you. Plies ol’ country ass literally keeps me in stitches. He said when he wakes up like this he feels unstoppable!

LMAO, I said all of that to say… You get much farther in life when you just mind your own data! Plies got me like:


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