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If you miss the debate: Here are the highlights!

In the last debate, Hillary stepped on her game against Donald Trump. She stated that Trump was not a person to be trusted with nuclear weapons, not only that have he does not respect women.

If you miss the debate, we tell you the best moments:

  • In the debate, Trump stated that Clinton does not have the stamina to be president, Hillary’s simply responded by saying that he cannot declared something like that until he does as much she did as a secretary of state.
  • Clinton exposed Trump’s contradictions, when she stated Trump declared opposition to the Iraq war since the beginning. Hillary declared that statement as false and that there are proves that show Trump did support the Iraq War.
  • Trump insisted that he did oppose the Iraq War and the others stating the contrary were lies. The moderator debate was quick to point out that there are facts there that proves otherwise.
  • When Hillary suggested that she was worried about Trump having access to nuclear weapons, Trump stated that “the line was getting old”. Hillary also said Trump doesn’t have true strategy to fight ISIS.
  • Hillary was asked about being “implicitly biased against African Americans”, Clinton suggested that unfortunately all African American were exposed to this bias.
  • After Hilary was asked about race relations, she stated that the country is facing a challenge with that, and the justice system treats minorities different. As usual, Trump jumped up and declared that Hillary was missing the point to say that Hispanics and African Americans were getting shot for walking the streets.
  • Finally, the best moment of the debate was when Trump declared how he was traveling around for his campaign while Hillary stayed home. Clinton smartly replied but stating that she was preparing for the debate and that she is prepared to be president.

Even though they are trying to declare Trump the winner, we can clearly see who came prepared and who didn’t..

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