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If You Need New Edges, There’s Now Plastic Surgery For That!

Portrait of young woman, close-up on cropped red hair


We all hear people joke about their edges always being snatched literally, we have the case of Naomi Campbell, we’ve seen her with no edges at all…. Well now there’s a surgery that can help put your edges back on fleek so you can slick your hair in that ponytail you’ve dying to do for awhile….

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Dr. Miami is here with his new hairtransplant procedure to restore those lost edges.

Dubbed “Edges by Dr. Miami,” the innovative procedure uses top of the line grafting techniques, transplanting thousands of hair follicles in a single session, all without damaging the skin. The procedure doesn’t include the hair plugs of days old, that looked awkward and unnatural. Hair growth will mirror naturally occurring growth patterns, making the procedure nearly undetectable.

Want your edges to go from weak to fleek? Dr. Miami, who’s taken Instagram and SnapChat by storm by uploading his surgeries in real time, is currently booking free consultations.


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