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If You’re Going to Throw ice cream at Sean Kingston, it may be wise to take Ben & Jerry with You

Anyone who goes to a Sean Kingston concert, and decides to share their ice cream with him, probably would do well to find out if he prefers Breyers or 31 Flavors, beforehand. They may want to find out if he’s up for any games of toss, before they expect him to catch, gracefully, too. One concert-goer, in Australia did the unthinkable, according to multiple reports, being broadcasted, by Newstube, VladTv, and

After someone threw a frozen treat, Sean Kingston clearly tried to thump the culprit, with his microphone; evident on a video, recorded during the event & subsequently posted. Obviously, Sean Kingston is one to protect himself, when need be, so the Game, and/or anyone else who wants to romp out, better beware. In the future, fans may likewise; decide to just stick to throwing underwear- or anything less sloppy.

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