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Iman Shumpert Also Requested to Be Traded!

sO, NOT ONLY Kyrie Irving requested to be traded from the Cleveland Cavs, but Iman Shumpert did too… But, his two deals fell through….

Iman Shumpert also requested a trade after the season, multiple sources told ESPN. Cleveland was in talks to trade Shumpert and his $10.3 million contract to Minnesota or Houston, but both deals fell apart. Logic would tell you that the Cavs will remain motivated to find a team to take Shumpert.

Shumpert once said the Cavs “grabbed me out of hell” by acquiring him from the Knicks.The Timberwolves before and Rockets after last season appeared interested in Shumpert, but I’m not sure any team would just take him at this point. Would Cleveland attach a sweetener to dump him? That might be the only way to grant his trade request and ease the luxury-tax bill.

(NBC Sports)

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