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In-N-Out Burger Pay Their Managers $160k on Average!

I am clearly in the wrong industry… In-N-Out Burger in California are paying their managers on average $160k per year according to a new report..

From MSN

According to the report the fast food restaurant pays its restaurant managers on average more than $160,000, which is more than triple the fast food industry average.

Workers at the family-owned chain begin at $13 per hour, which is $2.50 above California’s current minimum wage. Employees can work their way up to get the coveted manager’s salary, and a college degree is not necessary.

Benefits also include health insurance, vision, 401K and dental plans.

KTVU reached out to In-N-Out Burger corporate who confirmed managers make on average $160,000, but they did not release additional details.

Employees seem to appreciate working for In-N-Out. On 91 percent of employees would recommend working at In-N-Out to a friend. One former employee wrote that it can be a bit fast paced and stressful at times but it’s “great pay, and you can move up fairly quickly.”

They are making more than Walmart and Sam’s Club managers with far less responsibility.

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