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Inside Rihanna’s Upcoming Dancehall Album #R9

Rihanna has been pretty mum about her upcoming album, which will be 100% danchall and some deets have been revealed about it.. She’s also doing a pop oriented  project as well.

Rihanna first mentioned the possibility of releasing a reggae-centric album publicly during a Vogue profile in May, and now Rollingstone has some inside tea of what to expect…

According to Rollingstone:

“Jamaican producers and songwriters have submitted “500 records” for new album that’s been more than a year in the making… People are already gearing up to go in that direction [towards dancehall] because somebody as big as her is doing that,” he adds. “If an artist like Rihanna comes out and does [an album influenced by Jamaican pop], that’s definitely going to shift the needle. They’re only choosing 10 records. They’ve been having writing camps and trying to keep them quiet for almost a year and a half now. I’ve been flying to Miami, flying to L.A., cutting records nonstop for this project.”

They’re looking for 1 more song as of now (possibly the lead single)

I can’t wait.. There are several tunes that Rihanna has done that had me like:

Check out some of her dancehall themed bops below:

Read full story here…

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