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Instagram And Celebs Are Going Nuts For The “Old Skool” Vans

Celebs are getting “likes” across the board when it comes to the “Old Skool” Vans shoe. Famous people from Fabolous who happened to bring Meek Mill out on stage for Chris Brown “Party Tour” during his set. Meek Mill wore the bright yellow high top “Old Skool” Vans in his size.

Instagram is going “nuts” with the high top and low top“Old Skool” Vans . It is easy to spot the Classic to Pro-Skate patterns or Signature Style Vans on any stage or platform.

The simple white design stitched on the all black or the signiture white stripe on the classic edition of Vans. School Boy Que wore the “Black Ball” Vans on stage in Los Angeles during a “Groovy Que” Show. Rick Ross wore the low top “Authentic” Vans black on black stitching while sitting in one of his many expensive automobiles.

One of Kanye’s stylist Ibn Jasper wore the printed “Old Skool” Vans in a photo sitting in light camouflage pants and a Gucci crewneck. Justin Bieber took it a little bit further by wearing some Vans apparel. The “Old Skool” skate look is in…fashioned with other brands like Gucci to set the tone for a new era.

Chris Brown could be spotted on any given day in the popular shoe and of course he has the attitude of a “pro” in this new era of celebs. It is just the “trendy” thing to do. He’s making a lot of fashion statements on this most recent tour accompanied by Fabolous who is known to set the record straight in fashion.

Check out the screen capture of the popular celebs in Vans brand. The pro skate shoe is universal, affordable and trendy this season and is worn for all occasions with friends or family.

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