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Instagram Coming For Snapchat’s WIG; With The Help of Ciara & PewDiePie

Instagram is coming for Snap Chat the Facebook-owned photo sharing service announced a major update Tuesday that introduces a whole new way to share media through its app. It will be new to users who never used Snap Chat!

Instagram’s Android and iOS apps will in the coming weeks get a new Instagram Stories section that allows users to share photos and video clips as part of their day’s story. These stories can selectively be shared with friends, but Instagram is also courting celebrities, and launching with quite a few to boot: Serena Williams, PewDiePie, Ciara, Kevin Hart,Calvin Harris, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, King Bach and Connor Franta are some of the better-known names to use Stories at launch.

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Instagram is aiming to integrate the new format into its regular app, allowing anyone to comment on moments within a story via the service’s messaging feature Instagram Direct. Users can also decide to elevate any of the photos they took for their story and make it part of their regular Instagram timeline.

Still, the launch seems like a clear shot at Snapchat, and it may not be a coincidence that it is being rolled out under Weil’s helm.

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