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Is Obama to blame for the override of his own veto?

On Wednesday the senators in congress voted to ban the veto Obama put in place against the 9/11 bill. The bill stated that any victim or family member from the 9/11 attacks are able to sue Saudi Arabia for any damages. Obama has warned that the veto he put in place was to prevent further problems for the nation and more violence in the future but people in congress never listened.

Now, after the override has taken place, Senators in congress are just becoming aware of what the consequences might be for the country. They declared that Obama should have tried harder to inform congress in more detail about the negative impact banning the veto will bring to the nation.

According to Huffington Post Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) put some blame on Obama, he declared that the discussion about the consequences of the override of the ban should have taken place sooner. He stated that by the time Obama tried to discuss the override senators already had their decisions made.

It’s comical that Congress is now blaming the president for their mistakes. Let’s see how all these issues unfold in the next months.

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