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J. Balvin “Rihanna Isn’t a Good Woman to Marry.”

J. Balvin, who is a Latin Pop star and have singles that have shot to number one on the US Charts with Beyonce and is now featured on Cardi B’s already gold album Invasion of Privacy did an interview with a Brazilian youtuber….

They played a game called Mary, Kill or Kiss…. Well, the youtuber gave him some options and when asked about Rihanna, J says:

“Rihanna isn’t a good woman to marry, just to fool around”.

But, this was him in @ her not too long ago!

They’re trying to say that he was joking, but there’s just something’s you should never joke about and that’s, Rihanna and most definitely BEYONCE! He would’ve never came at Bey like that, even if she wasn’t married to Jay Z… So why do it to Rihanna ? I’m just saying.. The joke wasn’t funny and it was disrespectful and demeaning! Period!


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