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Jaden Smith Does Art

Jaden Smith does a little bit of Art and leaves the artwork on the street for a “fan scavenger hunt.” This happens to be a creative way  for twitter fans to get involved. The talented musician and actor left the painting in front of Hamilton-Selway Fine Art in Los Angeles. Kevin Doan was the lucky person who found the canvas painting. He tweeted a picture of himself after finding the canvas based art. According to the website, High Snobiety, Jaden also did a Van Nuys drop of his art.

It’s delicate and I think I like it; never leave out the subject matter in its own art form. I think a lot more celebs should make “art drops” to the streets. Although Jaden used black and grey colors on the canvas, it isn’t dark and demented. In my opinion I want to see some more of his coolness on canvas. Below are tweets from Kevin Doan, who happen to find the painting, and Jaden letting fans know the location of the “art drop”.

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