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Jaimee Foxworth Talks Not Being Invited to The Family Matters Reunion For Entertainment Weekly!

Earlier this week Entertainment Weekly did a Family Matters reunion photo shoot with everyone, but Judy aka Jaimee Foxworth, the little sister…. Now she’s speaking out about and to be honest she was upset, but she’s not letting it stop her shine..

The Root who contacted Jaime Foxworth to get her thoughts on the situation was surprised to find out that Jaime was never contacted about the upcoming reunion. Despite her being let go from the show, she is still a big staple of that show….

Jaime speaks on why she was let go and more with the Root below:

“Shawn (Waldo) sent me a text two days before it was released. He asked if anyone contacted me, and he just wanted to let me know that EW contacted them to do a reunion cover. And he just didn’t want me to be shocked when it came out,” Foxworth continued.

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“The people in the picture are more important than the picture itself. It was a slap in the face from Entertainment Weekly. I don’t think there’s any good explanation. If they want to use adult films as the reason, I’m not the first person to do adult films and won’t be the last,” Foxworth said.

So why did Judy’s character get cut from the show to begin with? Well it could have a lot to do with White’s character becoming the star of the show. Foxworth said her scenes and lines began diminishing little by little, and even though she was just a kid, she knew something was going on. And then she vanished completely.

“The producers felt that they could do it and no one would notice. They’d done it with previous shows they had. They figured no one would really care. My fans took notice of it,” Foxworth said. “They figured they could just throw me away, no explanation at all. Some of my cast members knew before I did.” And even with Payton fighting for her to stay on, the producers still got rid of her character.

As season four came to an end, Foxworth definitely got the feeling things were about to change. She said her TV dad came up to her and told her she was a great actress and a beautiful girl. And then came the hiatus, which she noticed was longer than usual for her, and her mother finally explained to her what happened.

“It affected my self-esteem as an actress. And I started feeling like I wasn’t good at my job,” she explained.

When Foxworth saw the photo shoot and even noticed the Momma Winslow photo on the living room coffee table, she knew being omitted was deliberate, and she felt that being included could have been a huge talking point.

“By being included, It could have started a conversation about how certain people in a family don’t always do what everyone agrees with. Sure I did adult films, but the only people that are going to be shocked about it, are kids. It’s not shocking. I did not kill anyone. I didn’t murder anyone. The only pain I inflicted on anyone was myself,” Foxworth said.

Nowadays, Foxworth isn’t looking for anyone’s approval, it’s been over a decade since she’s been in adult films, and now she only wants to be the best mother she can be for her son. But she wants people to know she’s speaking out because she’s tired of being trampled on.

“You can’t let people trample all over you. At some point you have to speak out. And let people know some things are not ok. I had to speak out and say something,” she said.

This week, EW has profiled every living cast member from Family Matters, except for Foxworth. There has even been mention of a reboot, and Foxworth does note that she has no problem in doing one with the cast, if invited of course. It’s that same cast she still considers family, and till this day doesn’t have any ill will against anyone. But EW? That’s another story. They’re the ones who made her feel a certain way.

The Root contacted EW’s editor, who has written several of the cast updates, and asked why Foxworth was omitted, but have not yet received a response.

“I’m not that little girl any more. Judy and Family Matters don’t define me. What defines me is how my son turns out. I don’t want people to look at my past, and even this situation, and judge me. I am extremely happy in the place that I’m in right now. I’m just trying to live my best life.”

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