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James Earl Jones to Reprise Darth Vader!

Star Wars fans can take a deep, mechanical breath of relief.  James Earl Jones will lend his iconic voice to his beloved character of Darth Vader once again in the upcoming “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”.  It is unsure how prominent the role will be in the movie.  But with the story taking place directly before the original 1977 film, it is expected that he will play a memorable role.

James Earl Jones shocked and amazed fans when he reprised the role in the second season of Star Wars Rebels for the Disney channel this past year.   Although the announcement was expected, Vader’s “Rogue One” return is now official.  Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy told EW that his appearances will be brief but important.

“He will be in the movie sparingly…but at a key, strategic moment, he’s going to loom large,” she said.

Considering this is going to be capturing the tone of a war film set in the galaxy far, far away, it is expected that lightsabers and Jedi’s are not going to be the core of the narrative.  With all of the main protagonists being soldiers, Vader has no Jedi to balance his evil.

This is the first Star Wars stand-alone film in the saga, so a lot of pressure is being put on the project to be done right.  With current reshoots alarming fans of the outcome, it seems that a lot of time and effort is being put forward to ensure a quality film.  Let’s only hope that it balances originality with consistency.

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