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James Franco to be Exposed For Sexually Assaulting Up and Coming Actors ?

It seems like James Franco is about to be exposed for using illegitimate acting classes that were very sketchy at his studio 4 acting school in New York.. He also has one in L.A., but he mostly teaches in New York. A major publication is preparing a major exposé on him in the coming weeks. He’s allegedly aware of this and trying to damage control as we speak…

According to BlindItem:

He uses the class as his own personal casting couch for him and his friends. He introduces you to his other “teacher” friends or his “producer” friends who pretend to want to help you with your craft or with getting roles, but they always just want to have sex.
He has you take your clothes off, and he takes his clothes off, too. If you don’t do the fake sex scene with him, he will throw you out out of class.
I’ve been on film sets before and unless you are doing p*rn, there is absolutely no reason for actors to be totally nude. We should have had pasties or c*ck socks. The whole thing just felt wrong.
One day it got so creepy that our entire class walked out.
He offers some of the female students roles in unpaid films. You show up on the set and you have to sign an NDA. Then he tells you – surprise! – you need to do an improvised sex scene with him. If you refuse, you get fired, and because you have an NDA, you can’t tell anyone about it.
He had the women on the set of [name of film] wear dental dams, and not in their mouths. You shouldn’t have to wear a dental dam for a simulated sex scene.
Some of the kids in the class are only 17 or 18 years old and are very naive and just want to make it in the business. He’s famous so they just do what he tells them. I think he counts on this to take advantage of them.
Some of the students complained to the school about him and his friends and what they were forcing the students to do, but the school just kicked out the students.


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