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James Harden Send “GOONS” To See About Moses Malone’s Son ?

James Harden is about that life and doesn’t mind sending people to see about you if you get out of line. Case & Point Moses Malone’s son, he’s accusing the Houston Rocket star of sending his goons to attack him…

According to Blogger Terez Owens who got the tea:


Moses Malone Jr., son of basketball legend Moses Malone, said he was attacked by Houston Rockets guard James Harden’s entourage outside a nightclub over the weekend Malone Jr. said he wrote a post on social media criticizing Harden for charging too much money for his youth basketball camp. Below is a screenshot of Malone’s Facebook post. In it, Malone wrote, “Don’t he make WAY more $ then (sic) Donald Driver???? But, he charging 249$ & the inner city kids have NO CHANCE to go to his camp. Hollywood Harden #Fact.” Malone said he believes Harden got mad and sent his entourage to beat him up and steal his jewelry. At least four of the men had guns, according to a Houston Police Department spokeswoman. “I don’t believe Mr. Harden was at the club, and I definitely don’t believe he had anything to do with an attack on Mr. Malone,” Moore said. “And so the club’s position is that Mr. Malone is a regular of the club. We would have done everything we could to make sure he was safe.” HPD’s robbery division is investigating the crime. No one has been arrested so far. Looks like this was swept under the rug, cause no one is talking about it.

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