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Jay Z Threatens To Sue Digital Music New For Exposing His 4:44 Tour Being A Flop!

It’s been revealed in the media that Jay Z’s tour has been a flop, where tickets are as low as $6 dollars.. Now, Jay-Z’s attorneys are demanding that news outlet Digital Media take their article down, because it’s not true… Besides.. Billboard is calling the 4:44 tour an absolute success!

Now he’s threatening legal action, In fact, his attorney says that Billboard’s coverage proves that our coverage is not only factually incorrect, but defamatory. Jay Z had his attorney draft a letter asking this website to take down their story so the outlet has presented facts that his sales are indeed slow..

“Dear Sir/Madam

This office serves as legal Counsel to Shawn (JAY-Z) Carter. We are writing in connection with the following article. Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ Tour Is a Disaster: $6 Seats, Half-Filled Stadiums…

Both the headline and content of this article is false. I am attaching a link for a billboard article which contains more accurate facts regarding 4:44 tour sales.

Why JAY-Z’s 4:44 Tour Will Be His Highest Grossing Solo Run Ever Despite Cheap Tickets on StubHub

We demand that you correct your story both in tone and content immediately. We trust that now that you have correct facts you will not allow your errors to continue. As I am sure you are aware knowledge of a story being false is a key component of a defamation action.

Please forgive any typographical errors in this informal email transmission delivered by phone.

We ask that you confirm receipt and that you are taking action immediately. My client’s rights and claims against you are reserved.

Thank you,
Andrew Kupinse
Cummings & Lockwood LLC
203 351 4174

In response they broke it down for the attorney ..

Fact #1: You could buy a ticket to Jay-Z’s recent recent show in Anaheim, CA for as little as $6.

Fact #2: Multiple cities on the ‘4:44’ tour have tickets selling below $10.

That includes an upcoming date in Sacramento on December 17th. Currently, StubHub is selling a massive amount of tickets for that show at $9.50.

Nashville TN show is going for $8.55

Mr. Carter doesn’t like being on the losing end huh. How are you gonna sue publications for doing their job? I love Jay Z, but this is a bit much…

Read full story here…

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