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It appears to be snowing in the trap during September since the Snowman emerged back on the scene. He took us through Trap or Die (2005), Trap or Die 2 (2010) ….and you guessed it ..Jeezy the Snow Man has a new single “Let ‘Em Know” dropping from his 2016 EP Trap or Die 3.

He just COULD NOT wait to release a single from the album he literally JUST announced earlier today. Prior to Trap or Die 3, Jeezy threw us for a loop during his infamous “trap” sequels when he debut Church In These Streets in 2015 leaving us to conclude that the “trap or die” era had to have ended in 2010. Apparently the joke was on us because he’s still out here in these “streets”. Or is he? As Elle blogged earlier should he just let that trap shit go at this point? One thing’s for sure is that Jeezy’s appealing confidence hasn’t gone anywhere as he quotes in the song:

“I’ma make these ni**as get on they shit though / Do nothing else, I can write a hit though.

Did these “streets” wait on him to return with this? Whose intimidated? As you can see I have a lot of questions that I need answered but anyway the Snowman has also unleashed his strip club anthem “Magic City Monday” with Future and 2 Chainz and he can be heard alongside Ludacris and Yo Gotti on DJ Infamous’ “Run the Check Up.”

what yall think of “All I Know”?

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