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Jeffrey Lord Compares Donald Trump to Martin Luther King!

It is way too early for the foolishness that CNN is trying to pull with these guest that are Trump fanatics… Jeffrey Lord went on CNN this morning and said that Donald Trump is the Dr Martin Luther King of Healthcare reform and had the NERVE to compare it to the Civil Rights movement…. Mentioning Dr.Martin Luther King in the same sentence as Trump is beyond disrespectful; It’s blasphemous.

Trump holding an order of McDonald’s fries

Your fave could never be compared to such greatness, White people have this odd obsession with misappropriating Martin Luther King Jr to their racist causes. The way they bring him up all the time and try to claim this fictional version of him; some sort of staunch conservative who never saw race, was loved dearly by benevolent white people, and would be disgusted by protest and activism today more than he would be disgusted by the same tired racist justice system that routinely allow zealous cops to take our lives and leave the courtroom as heroes..

Watch full interview below..

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