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Jim Carrey Hires Private Investigators to Dig Up Dirt on His Ex’s Family

If Jim Carrey isn’t a ball of shade, his ex girlfriend Cathriona White who committed suicide last year is not here for her family or playing the part of a grieving ex…

Jim Carrey is being sued by her family in a wrongful death lawsuit, claiming that he was the cause of her committing suicide… Also accusing him of giving her STD’s as well. Which he has denied..

According to Page Six:

“Within the last 48 hours, two private investigators working for Carrey have been doing everything they can to come up with information for Carrey to use,” White’s family’s attorney, Michael Avenatti said in a statement.

Private investigators Larry Broadhurst and Ed Guttierez were specifically asking “questions designed to get [White’s friends] to speak badly about the grieving family,” the attorney added.

Upset at the intrusion, friends of the late make-up artist –who OD’d on pills prescribed to Carrey’s alias Arthur King in Sept 2015– reached out to Avenatti to alert him.

The muckraking comes a day after White’s mom, Brigid Sweetman, said she’d drop her wrongful death suit against the “pure evil” funnyman if he shared his STD tests, and they showed he was clean.

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