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Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams For 2020 Presidential Race?

Joe Biden is not playing fair and he is gearing up to make his 2020 entry and prepping Stacey Abrams for the VP position.

From NY Mag

Joe Biden is gearing up for entry into the 2020 race by courting a VP Pick early in Stacey Abrams. Honestly, this is a POWER move on both sides. Joe gets a squarely in your face ADOS Veep in Stacey. The ADOS push for reparations only and thirsty wanna be media darlings in Yvette and Tone Talks and whomever else are immediately shut down because older Black Voters and Black Women will rally around Joe (and Stacey) hoping to get the first Black Veep. (I’m a Black Woman who votes Democrat and if Biden picks Abrams as Veep going into the race, he has my vote, Period.)

Stacey can run, being his biggest surrogate, increasing her national profile and even if he loses, can go back to Georgia, with more hype and beat Brian Kemp for Governor. Strategically, this makes most sense. Let’s see if it happens:

I’m listening… We see you Joe…

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