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Joe Budden Speaking Truth About Meek Mill’s Sentencing…

Yesterday the judge sentenced Meek Mill for violating his probation and of course everyone is all like #FreeMeekMill, but Joe Budden dropped some real uncomfortable truth about Meek’s situation….

Skip to 16:52 part and names reasons why Meek got himself in the situation he’s in..

Meek hung around a lot of fuckbois and none of them had his back.
Too many people dick ride Jay Z when he makes his statements.
If you want to stay out the system, stop doing shit to get you caught up.
Go vote if you want to change your local community
They are always watching you so keep your nose clean.
The judge and P.O.’s don’t play.
Meek didn’t go the extra mile like TI did to change.
The black community needs to start holding behavior accountable.
Maybe jail will change Meek for the better.
Hip hop and all these social media apps need to stop whining when people get into trouble. It’s not helping us.


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