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Joe Budden Walks Out On Interview, Calls It An Utter Waste Of Time..

Well  not only is Joe Budden trending from his encounter with Drizzy or his new hat line but for another thing once again. The New Jersey rapper walked out of his interview with Hot 97’s Ebro in the morning Friday (August 12) when the line of questioning got a bit awkward.

Ebro started out asking about the Drake beef, and after replying ” Who cares? he went on to detail the root of their drama. As Budden explained it, the rift likely started over  his critique of the Views album then retaliated with a presumed diss on French Montana’s ” No Shopping” Single

Budden says “They put a clip on Instagram and Snap with just that ‘pump it up’ part,” said Budden. “That was like May 13th, or something like that… I wanted to hear the record and when I heard the record it was on.”

Budden played along for a while answering tons of questions until he couldn’t take it anymore

being confronted about firing his Would You Like A Podcast co-host, Marissa Mendez. May have been a bit too much.

“I didn’t know this would be an utter complete waste of time,” Budden said.

Check out Budden’s full interview below (speed up to the 39:15 mark to watch him walk out).

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