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John Oliver Thinks Lorelai Gilmore Is a Babe

So the first trailer for the Gilmore Girls revival came out just one day ago and it centered around a conversation between the girls where Lorelai (Lauren Graham) asks Rory (Alexis Bledel) if certain famous people would like her.


Gilmore Girls fans had assumed that the best part of the trailer would be finally getting to see the Lorelai’s on screen together again after a billion years. But the best part of the trailer was actually the celebrity responses to the trailer.

Amy Schumer said:

This was pretty perfect in itself, but being Amy Schumer she decided to make it dirty. Rory’s reason that Amy Schumer wouldn’t like Lorelai was because Amy Schumer likes water sports and Lorelai definitely does not. To this, Schumer tweeted:

Still, John Oliver stole Schumer’s thunder when he went onto the Stephen Colbert show and said:

Fact: Everyone would love Lorelai Gilmore, including all of your favorite celebrities. Aren’t you glad the internet is such a magical place?

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