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Jordyn Woods Says It’s ALL LIES! Confirms Tristan Thompson Tried Her Initially

Jordyn Woods is sitting with Jada Pinkett Smith on Red Table talk right now and she states that it’s all LIES. There was no dance, no phones were taken and confirmed that nothing happened with Tristan..

Jordan though did confirm however that Tristan did try her, but insists that nothing happened, takes responsibility for her part, but felt things should’ve been handled internally… Jordyn says the only thing she’s guilty about is staying at Tristan’s house..

Tristan tried to come on to Jordyn, but she shut it down. She didn’t tell Kylie or Khloé the next day and that’s what she’s sorry for.

Jordyn is saying she is being villainized because she’s black.

 -Nothing intimate happened
– Says she takes responsibility for being at his house really late when he was Khloe’s man (ex-man)
– She was NEVER blackout drunk
– Was there til early in the morning and had a car service take her home
– Tristan did try to kiss her on the lips as she was leaving 
– Told Kylie and Khloe in the morning but left out what Tristan tried to do (this is the only part she regrets)
– She KNOWS that she is NOT the reason for Khloe and Tristan not being together
– Says she NEVER slept with Tristan
– Says this should have been dealt with internally
– Told Kylie that she was coming on this show to tell her side
– Says that out of respect she’s not gonna clapback or go online and be nasty
– Realizes that 90% of these people were NOT her real friends

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