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Judge Gives Birdman 30 Days To Handover Lil Wayne’s Accounting Receipts

It looks like Lil Wayne may get some answers after all, a judge has demanded that Birdman handover all accounting receipts for the money Wayne never saw.

Wayne had previously asked to see Birdman’s financial records to find out how he burned through $70 mil they were supposed to split from a $100 million advance from Universal.

According to TMZ:

They forked over 20,000 pages of accounting records, Birdman and his people over at Cash Money weren’t keeping very good track of those records … for 2 whole years. Birdman’s lawyer shrugged it off this way … “It is what it is.” That excuse didn’t fly with the judge … who gave Birdman 30 days to find those records, or get the right person who knows where they are and get ’em to Wayne.


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