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Judge Removes Pimp C’s Wife After Being Accused of Mishandling Funds

Pimp C is best known for being one half for the group UGK and he left behind his legacy and estate in 2007 after passing away.. Since that time, his widow Chinara Butler, has handled his estate, but now a judge has ordered to have Butler removed as the administrator for the estate after Pimp C’s oldest son, Chad Butler Jr., made a claim she was mishandling funds.

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While Pimp C’s oldest son continues to fight for control of the estate, it currently is not in the best condition, with there being missing jewelry, the rapper’s Port Arthur home in foreclosure and a repossessed Bentley all being factored into the equation.

“Nobody’s gotten any money,” Butler Jr.’s lawyer, Josh Heinz, told the judge. “She’s on red carpets in Los Angeles and New York and these kids have nothing.” “I have not left [Pimp C’s] kids abandoned,” the rapper’s widow stated. “I’ve invested my own money into this estate and done my best to keep Pimp C relevant.”

Butler was removed as an independent administrator of the estate because she reportedly failed to account for particular assets, including $150,000 worth of jewelry. Additionally, Butler has allegedly spent more than $150,000 of the estate’s revenue from 2011 to 2013 and more than $80,000 since 2014, with the estate facing a $7.2 million federal tax lien. On top of all of that, it was reported that the estate still owes Pimp C’s former manager, Bryon Hill, $5.1 million.

Following the judge’s ruling, Butler Jr. released a track commenting on the situation, titled “Trust Nobody.” Check it out below.

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