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K. Michelle Still Holding On To Hurt, Shades Memphitz and Toya Wright For The Umpteenth Time!

You know I really want to root for K. Michelle, but just when you start she turns around and does some petty immature antics like this…… Yesterday during her concert in Richmond, VA K. Michelle used a video from Toya and Memphitz role in the reality show marriage boot camp where he was basically dogging her out..

Now, why would she use this as her intermission piece ? I don’t know, but clearly she still wants this man, I mean after years of blaming this man for abusing her and then meeting up with him to have so called closure and to make a speech about it and say that you’ve forgiven him, only to turn around and do this ?

K. is a Pisces and usually Pisces are very bitter with life when hurt… They hold on to the pain for dear life! Anyway, check her out being petty below:

I am deceased #Kmichelle

A video posted by ?K.Michelle (@kmichellesvocals) on

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