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Kanye West Interviews With Charlamagne Says “They should put Michael Jordan instead of Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill”

This is why I can’t root for Kanye West sometimes, because he stays with his foot in his mouth!.. Charlamagne Tha God interviews Kanye West in a very intimate interview.. He discusses everything from Jay Z to his infamous Taylor Swift moment…

Kanye West on Jay-Z, says his issue with Jay came down to information, he needs information more than he needed validation. The money Jay gave him frustrated him because Jay got the money from Livenation, which  was basically a touring deal and he went on to divulge that Jay made him feel like he owed him more than the money itself because it came from him.

Kanye went on to say that it put him in a controlled situation, which explains his beef and outburs, says that he and Jay Z are good now and that they text each other.

Also said he hasn’t seen Jay, but he can feel him .

More On Jay/Bey
*Char asks him what’s keeping them from meeting in person, but he’s not really answering that question
*Char asks if Kanye went to far bringin Jay’s family into it, Ye: Well, if we’re family like Jay keeps saying they are, then they are family too. If we’re just business associates, then he did go to far
*Was hurt they didn’t attend the wedding. He understands they were going through some things, but again, family…
*Never directly asked them why they didn’t go. He’s over it now.

Kanye also talks him being on twitter is him expressing himself and talking about the breakthrough’s he went through since going to the hospital and right now he feels the need to speak.. Ye confirms that he is in a good place mentally and that the reason for his breakdown was because of pressure and stress.

Then he adds:

“They should put Michael Jordan instead of Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill”

Listen to full interview below:


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