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Kanye West on Pusha T & Drake : “Don’t Pull Me into The Conversation I didn’t Give Information to Pusha T”

Kanye West interviewed with Chicago’s WGCI and he was very revealing and forth coming…. He talked about his once close friend Don C not being in the picture, which reveals the downfall of Kanye West being directly related to Don C not being around. Don C is actually in town right now because I need him..” Kanye says as he tears up.

Ye also addressed his issue with Drake stating: “I’m not about that slap box energy, purple demon emojis and stuff”

“People hang around your family and be in your house and then they get mad about a beat and send purple demon emojis” – Kanye on Drake

Ye also stated that Drake has always been a “huge fan of Kanye West” and he might have been mad because he didn’t get the Lift Yourself beat.

It was claimed that Kanye West gave Pusha T information about Drake, but Kanye has denied it, stating “Don’t pull me into the conversation. I didn’t (give information to Pusha T)” But says that Kanye and Drake have reconciled…

Kanye also reveals again about having mental health issues, “We’re all dealing with mental health issues. The stigma about mental health issues is that when you get diagnosed, you’re instantly written off.”

Watch full interview below:

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