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Kanye West Releases The official trailer for Only One at E3; Dedicated To His Mother !

Kanye West’s first ever video game trailer has been released today at E3.. he official trailer for Only One, the artist’s game dedicated to his late mother Donda, aired in Los Angeles. Showing Donda’s journey into heaven, the game first appeared at West’s Life of Pablo event at Madison Square Garden in February.

According to The Verge:

Only One has been in development for more than a year, and is being designed with help from Encyclopedia Pictura. There’s no set release date for the game yet… After debuting The Life of Pablo, Kanye played the game’s trailer, which features Donda soaring through the clouds and riding a Pegasus towards heaven as a divine choir singing “Only One.”

The trailer was formally released Monday afternoon at E3 in Los Angeles. The game is a collaboration between Kanye and animation studio Encyclopedia Pictura.

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