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Kanye West Storms Grammy Stage After Beck Wins For Record of The Year, Confirms With Terrance J That Beyonce Should of Won!


Kanye West was about to pull another Taylor Swift moment at the Grammy’s when Beck won for Record of the year over Beyonce and Sam Smith… He “Jokingly’ stormed the stage, but quickly got off.. You should of seen Jay and Bey’s face… #Priceless… But after the Grammy’s he interviewed with Terrance J and discussed that he was actually serious and doesn’t understand why the Grammy’s don’t respect art..


While interviewing with Terrance J, Kanye confirms that Beyonce should of won for Record of the year…Ye’ says the reason why he didn’t go through with it is because he has his daughter to think about and didn’t want to mess up any current or future business ventures…

Do you agree with #Kanye or Nah? #Beck #Beyonce #Beyhive

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