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Kanye West to Jay Z After Coming For Beyoncé : “Jay Z, I know you got killers, please don’t send ’em my way”

Last night at Kanye West Saint Pablo Tour, he did a lot as usual, he made amends with Kid Cudi and hugged it out as men… But things took a strange turn when Kanye West went on a big rant about friends Jay Z x Beyonce and he was just basically spilling tea of what we already knew, but he just confirmed it…

– He was told before the VMAs.(someone from MTV) that Beyoncé would only perform at the VMAs only if she won VOTY over him and Hotline Bling.

– Claims he was told that so he wouldn’t run up on stage again.

– Says that politics were involved with VMAs & Beyonce’s VOTY win.

– Says he is hurt by Beyoncé and that he’s been down for 7 years (Taylor Swift & VMAS)

– Says he knows Jay has “killers”

– Tells Jay-z to not send his “killers” after him

– Jay still has not called him.. Tells Jay to “call me bruh”

At the end of the rant he tells the press “get ready for a field day” drops the mic, leaves the stage and ends the show. He only performed 3 songs beforehand. Watch video below:

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