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Kevin McCall Accused Of Beating Woman Unconscious x Knocking Her Teeth Out!

Kevin McCall has been accused of being a woman beater for a long time, especially with his one time fiance and mother of his daughter, Eva Marcille…

Now a woman is coming forward stating that the singer-songwriter Kevin McCall assaulted her after a verbal altercation went crazy!

The woman took to Instagram to document what happened to her, she goes by the name of @simply_dominique_j explaining what happened between the two.


“I’ve been crying since the moment it happen. I’m home now… depressed. Feeling like a part of my life was stolen. Smh. Smh. I’m soooooo hurt! I feel dead inside. He literally knocked me unconscious and continued to hit beat me until he saw blood… why?? Because he was being disrespectful, calling me bitches and I politely pulled over and asked him to apologize or get out of my car,” the young woman wrote. :What does that get me (yet again)? Beat the fuck up! Like wtf!? 2 lacerations and my front tooth missing! All within an hour! #kevinmccall is definitely paying for this.”


She also shared a picture of herself with McCall just an hour before the alleged incident, as well as a photo of what looks like a police report she filed.

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