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Key Preparations For The Mind, Body, and Soul This Super Blue Blood Moon Season

As many of you might be feeling, we are living in the times of the Revolution but the fact of the matter is that we need a real resolution. A resolution for love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice; and the only way to attain these 5 pillars of life is to know your self-law and master it. Although we are all born masters, most of us were taught by our parents to accept being mediocre and fear being divergent due to the social-economic pressures of conditioning to function like a robot sheep vacuum, caused by all government structures and inhumane rules.

So you see the issue here is us not realizing our true potential, the potential that we could be just as large as life itself. All we have to do is make the effort to remove ourselves from the pressures of society that leads us to frivolous behaviors of hate, violence, greed and lust which will ultimately lead to the demise of a soul. We must elevate our souls to grow with the light for the strength to release the mental hold of this artificial matrix ran by evil Albions and Cern’s foreign technology.

Most will not know where to begin in this journey but the first steps is realizing the intricate but very clear difference between the artificial matrix and the natural matrix. As you might assume, the artificial world is the newer one based in the Concrete world where you could feel heavily on your back as it’s structure runs on a backwards time loop that only brings chaos, war, sorrow, and destruction. This is what we see prominently in this world for everytime we turn on the news or even speak to people who are deeply brainwashed; everything pertaining to this world is artificial hence why happiness can never last there. 

In the natural matrix, everything is simple and everything is pure in its essence to move with the natural time of mother nature. In this world, life and death still happens but it less harshly controlled and more knowing that everything in nature will always regenerate back to carbon for an omnipresent rebirth. The Natural Matrix is also the first and only original Matrix in which the artificial one is based on. With much evil effort, these 2 worlds collided side by side leaving humans confused but to get out of the fake one, you must live and breath in nature and with nature.

Once you fully give your mind, body, and soul to the source of nature, you are almost there because accepting where you are right now with love will take you where we need to be above. We must follow the all of Earth’s supreme energy catalyst and gateways in order to find the key; and 3 of the main energy gateways are the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars.

Right now we will focus on the Moon’s energy and what we can attain from it as we approach yet another powerful Super Blue Blood Moon. These special moon phases were known in the ancient days to be a time for deep innerstanding and human clarity as it takes us to a new dimension each time and depending on where you are in your process, you could either reap all the benefits or have it pass you by.

In this year of 2018, we are in the 4th dimension, preparing to fully transition our perception into the 5th which is where nothing could be hidden. For the avidly spiritual people who have been preparing and shaping their lives within this practice since the first blood moon arrival 2014, there isn’t too much of a surprise as to what to do to get ourselves straight for this time but for the dedicated sheep and the heavily conditioned, some of these steps might come as a surprise.

There are 5 main key preparations to focus on for the next few days; to start off, if you have been living an unhealthy life, It is recommended that you reflect on your actions, make a proclamation to change your path and take a parasite cleanse for whole internal clarity.

Then you can proceed to eating only natural vegan/vegetarian and non-GMO foods, drinking lots of water and natural organic fruit juices, fasting intermittently to cleanse out your blood from all blood foods in your system. Most importantly, you must cleanse the soul to think positively well while giving thanks to everything around you as you breathe in life’s Prana for everlasting love and happiness. Always remember, with everything you do from now until and after the Blood Moon comes must be purely consistent and from the heart.

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