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Khloe Kardashian Wants Nothing To Do With Tristan Thompson’s Son ?

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson got together under shady circumstances, she was sleeping with him while his ex, cousin of Kevin Hart’s wife Eniko, Jordy Craig was barefoot and pregnant with his first child.. Now sources are claiming that Khloe is not interested in being a step mom now that the baby is a permanent fixture in Tristan’s life.

According to Star Magazine:

“Khloe is constantly telling Tristan how badly she wants to get married and have a baby with him,” reveals an insider. “But when it comes to the child he already has, she can’t seem to be bothered.”
“Khloe is great with her nieces and nephews, but being a stepmom is different,” says the source adding the Kardashian started dating Tristan, 26, when his ex, Jordyn Craig, was pregnant.
“In Khloe’s defense, its an awkward situation. She doesn’t want to step on Jordyn’s toes after stealing her man, too.”
[August 21 print edition]

It’s interesting that you never see them all together, meaning, Tristan, his son and Khloe… For a person that wants to be with the alleged love of her life, I never see any pictures of them all bonding together… This is not surprising…

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