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Kim Kardashian Reveals That Taylor Swift Helped Kanye West Re-Write Some To The Lyrics of ‘Famous’

Rumors have long swirled about Taylor Swift loving to play the victim and now after Calvin Harris’s twitter rant about Swift, Kim Kardashian is sticking up for her man Kanye West.

On a preview of the next episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians Kim is sitting with Kourtney and spilling all the tea on how Kanye spoke to Taylor Swift about the song Famous and how she was down for everything, going so far as to even re writing some of the lyrics for Kanye…


Kim Kardashian went on to acknowledge what Kanye did with his first Taylor Swift interaction was wrong, but feels that he should not still be paying for that mistake, especially because Taylor Swift was all for it…. Even stating that she was going to tell the press that she was all involved in the process of Famous…. Chile.. Check the sneak peek below:

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