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King Cairo and Kylie Jenner Gives Tyga A Surprise 27th Birthday

Is this cute or what?… Well when the baby is involved that is. Jenner and the rapper’s 4-year old son decided to throw him an early surprise birthday party. Tyga, whose birthday is this Saturday Nov 19, celebrity the early celebration at Kylie’s home filled with balloons and gifts. The 19-year-old also made sure to include some of Tyga’s favorite foods, which of course included fried chicken and two cakes E! News reported.

King was standing on the counter singing happy birthday along side his step mom with all smiles and Kylie took to snap.

The couple spent the rest of the night playing around and eating cake. King even helped his daddy blow out his candles. Better year for Tyga this year than last year when the couple split before his birthday and Tyga went GHOST.

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