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KKK Member Responsible for 1963 Church Bombing For Parole

On August 3, Thomas E. Blanton, will go before a parole after serving on 15 years behind bars for years behind bars for his part in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham. To prevent the possibility of parole, Mavis Austin from Wheat Ride Co., started a petition to keep the Klansmen behind bars.

“He has shown no remorse. He’s shown no acceptance of responsibility,” Jones said. “He has not reached out to the families or the community to show acceptance of responsibility. I think that’s an important part of parole consideration, and it’s completely lacking in this case.”

The four girls killed in the blast on September 15, 1963 are Addie Mae Collins, 14; Cynthia Wesley, 14; Carole Robertson, 14; and Carol Denise McNair, 11. Blanton is the last surviving Klansmen who was tried for the bombing.

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