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Kris Jenner Paying Tyga’s Bills ?

The question that everyone ask is, how is Tyga funding his lifestyle and if not how, then who? A lot of people think it’s his boo Kylie.. Which she is somewhat, but….. It appears that her mother Kris maybe helping a little bit.

When an arrest warrant went out for TYGA because he owed back rent to his former landlord, everyone assumed that Kylie paid the lard amount, because the issue all of a sudden disappeared…

It turns out it was Kris Jenner who got Tyga out of that jam..

From Star Magazine,

Kris hates Tyga, but Kylie begged for help, and Kris is a total sap when it comes to her kids, especially her youngest,” says an insider. Plus she knew that it would be a PR nightmare if the he ended up in jail.
“Kylie is so desperate to hold on to Tyga she doesn’t care if she essentially has to pay him to stick around,” adds the friend. “Kim and the rest of the family are livid, but what Kylie wants Kylie gets.”


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