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Lebron James x Tristan Thompson Get Into Locker Room Showdown Over Him Dating Khloe Kardashian ?

Lebron James is not here for Tristan Thompson dating Khloe Kardashian, so much so that he’s literally banned him from bringing her around… Even though she was at Lebron’s Halloween bash..

Now reports are surfacing that the two got into a locker room showdown before their game home opener…

According to The Morning Ledger:

LeBron James has not been very happy that Thompson is dating Khloe Kardashian. Probably adding to his aggravation was that their relationship is bringing increased scrutiny to the Cavs. As for Thompson, however, it is him and Khloe against the world. According to an insider, he does not plan on taking any crap from his teammates anymore. Apparently, James told Thompson that Khloe is not allowed to come around the team.

As far as Thompson is concerned, Khloe is free to come to every game she chooses. He told James straight up that his girl is coming and that was that. Hence, their fight occurred.

Lebron has always been a very wise young man, even back in the day pre fame.

He knows bad juju when he sees it. Plus the Cavs went on a West Coast road trip last year and Lebron told them no partying and nobody went out either, so I can see some truth to this…everyone knows how the Kardashian’s are and Lebron is on a mission to repeat

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