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Let’s Meet The Real Owners of Kylie Cosmetics “SEED BEAUTY”

So today Kylie Jenner made the Forbes list of self made women on the roll to becoming billionaires.. Click here if you missed that….. But let’s catch the tea real quick…….. Forbes stated that Kylie was the only owner of her brand, but according to receipts.. That’s not the case… Meet Laura and John Nelson- of SEED Beauty…..

Kylie Cosemetics and also Kim Kardashian’s brand KKW is manufactured by SEED Beauty, the same company that owns colorpop.. I don’t knock the hustle, but let’s be clear, Kylie is not anywhere close to being a billionaire and it clearly states that she was brought under the SEED beauty umbrella, which is a pre-existing company that manufactures her products. That is the definition of a licensing deal, not ownership.

There was an article that was done a year ago interviewing the owner Laura and her employee Kylie and how the business venture all came about!

Now no shade to Kylie, she initially had the idea of starting a cosmetics line, but it was with the help of Laura and John.. Forbes made it seem as if Kylie literally did all of this by herself fabricating that she owned 100 % of her business, which that was a lie…

Kylie Jenner was brought on by the Seed family as part of what Laura and John called an “incubation program.” Kylie was able to have complete creative control of her product, but make use of Spatz Labs (read here for what that entails) and the company’s existing resources.

Even sees through the bs:

Read more receipts here… Seed Beauty aka Kylie Cosmetics…

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