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LHH Miami’s Young Hollywood Stands By What He Deems Industry Worthy About Amara La Negra

Last week LHH Miami made it debut and the break out star of the show was Dominican beauty Amara La Negra … Cast mate Young Hollywood came under fire over colorist statements made to Amara La Negra and now he’s talking and standing by what he said..

In a video posted on Instagram Live Young Hollywood tells his followers,
“Amara’s beautiful. You can’t knock her down and downplay her like she ain’t beautiful. She’s a beautiful girl.”
“But it’s sad to say I’m not the highest on the totem pole in the music industry. It’s just sad that some industries require certain looks for certain songs and certain markets to appeal to those people who REALLY are prejudice.”
“Look at me! I couldn’t be racist if I wanted to. I’m not famous off Love and Hip Hop. I been doing music for more than ten years…and ya’ll never heard of me til now and its not because I’m not popping or wasn’t doing nothing or it took Love and Hip Hop for me to take off.”
“For the same reason I’m getting bashed is the same reason y’all never seen me on Latin television or in Latin interviews. Because the Latin market is even stronger on that type of cookie cutter light skin people. I’m not even light enough.”

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