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Lil Wayne Signs to Jay Z’s Roc Nation?

Remember when Jay Z wanted to sign Lil Wayne to Rocafella Records, but out of loyalty to Birdman and the money he offered, Wayne declined…..

Well fast forward, in 2015 Lil Wayne made the announcement while performing that he signed with Jay Z telling the crown: “I just signed a deal with my motherf–king idol Jay Z,” the rapper told the cheering crowd at the KMEL Summer Jam in Oakland, Calif.

But his manager and friend Cortez Bryant stated that it wasn’t true and that Wayne was still with Cash Money despite the on going drama going on..

Now a year later, while on his Hollygrove tour with 2 Chainz it seems as if Lil Wayne was subliminally trying to say something between him and Jay Z are in the works… This is funny, While in Oakland again Wayne announced that he has a new situation, but didn’t go into specifics.

He threw up the Roc symbol insinuating that he could very well be in cahoots with Jay as far as a deal is concerned…You never know. If there is one person in the game that could make things happen, its Jay. He has the money and the resources to move mountains.

We all know that Lil Wayne’s part owner of Tidal, but could there be more in the making, or is Wayne trolling?


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