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LOL! Tyga’s Ferrari Repo’D While Bentley Shopping!

Tyga has the L that keeps on giving, while Bentely shopping with Kylie Jenner the Repo man came and took his the rapper’s Ferrari. Tyga hopped in his fancy red sports car Tuesday with Kylie and drove to the Bentley dealership in Calabasas.

Sources on the lot say the repo man showed up armed with a spare key for the Ferrari, jumped in, started it up and headed down the nearest freeway.

We’re told Tyga missed a couple of his lease payments and the lessor wasn’t taking any chances.


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Kylie is clearly in love, there is no way you would continue to be in love with a man who is constantly getting his cars and houses either Repo’d or being sued or kicked out for non payment. Between him and Sean Kingston idk who’s worst.

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