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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4 Super Trailer; Watch The First Five Minutes Now!

Keyshia Cole and Daniel Boobie Gibson are living together in the same house going through a divorce, she’s barely in trailer and doesn’t seem to interact with much of the cast
– Hazel has gone wild, throws hands at Masika, Teairra and Chanel West Coast
– Ray and Princess are trying to have a baby
– Teairra’s drinking is out of control, she’s “in love” with Cisco and all her friends hate him, they stage an intervention and ship her off to rehab
– Lyrica is jealous of A1 working with other bitches
– New queen Zell Swagg fights some fat short messy queen (don’t know his name?) multiple times
– Brooke Valentine’s boyfriend Marcus goes after Jade (Rich’s 24 year old “paralegal” girlfriend from LHHNY? the fuck?), so she goes after Booby
– Alexis Skyy is in town and keeps trying to fight Masika but she keeps walking off set so she comes for Zell Swagg instead (who throws a drink in her face Jason Lee style)
– Masika gets the Joseline edit and her entire storyline seems to be walking off filming (seems like she definitely gets fired or demoted)
– Moniece is dating stud A.D., and gets into a fight with some random stripper (?) who thinks she’s not really a lesbian
– Nikki and Fizz don’t have storylines

Here is the first five minutes showing Keyshia Cole and Boobie:

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