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Ludacris Loses Custody of Two Year Old Daughter After Being Investigated By Child Services!

Look at Karma! Ludacris temporarily loses custody of two year old daughter with side chick Tamika Fuller…

According to The Jasmine

On July 6th, Ludacris headed to court and filed an application for contempt and request for a restraining order and sanctions against Tamika. The rapper explains since the judge came back with his order in early 2015, Tamika has attempted to ignore the order and usurp his custodial rights by making decisions for their minor child, which she has no authority to do. He says he has tried to work out the issues but Tamika refused to follow the court order.

Apparently Tamika called family services back in May after noticing a weird rash in their daughter’s diaper area, while Luda insists rash was common and had already been treated by a doctor.

While the claims are being investigation Ludacris’ primary custody agreement is suspended.

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